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Rabu, 05 Juni 2013


We don’t need to speak our names
And our things that float in between
Let me haze over by your side
Under your wings as king and queen
We dance the shadow of these lonely pines

And tonight we follow the rhythm of this howling wolf
Huuu huuu huuu huuuuuuuu
Huuu huuu huuu huuuuuuuu

We sing a song of our midnight glamour
Our eyes illuminate in high and low
I set the fire on the black hole’s gates
To keep us holding on until the day light breaks
We are the stealer of the stars tonight

And silently we sing the echos of this crying wolf
Huuu huuu huuu huuuuuuuu
Huuu huuu huuu huuuuuuuu

Under the crescent shades
We hide, dance and sing, and widely awake
Rovers of the mountain forgotten away
We hold the lights of these silent night
Time goes by for these own and wolf

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